Fauci Follies Continue


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“Dr. Ramin Oskoui: Well, unfortunately what Steve (Dr. Smith) has eloquently pointed out, lying by omission is still lying. It’s very important to understand that that study did correct for steroid use. But it also pointed out what we seem to see in COVID which is a steroid paradox… What I’m hearing is someone who frankly is very manipulative and dishonest.”

Top Dr. Oskoui on Dr. Fauci: “I’m Hearing Someone Who Frankly Is Very Manipulative and Dishonest”
james hoft – Jul 31, 2020 – 5:54
FINALLY! Top Dr. Ramin Oskoui on Crazy Dr. Fauci: “I’m Hearing Someone Who Frankly Is Very Manipulative and Dishonest” (VIDEO)

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You Will Be Made To Obey

 Couple under house arrest after refusing to sign COVID-19 quarantine agreement

ABC7 – July 20, 2020
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They just didn’t agree with the wording of the documents.

“We didn’t rob a store. We didn’t steal something. We didn’t hit and run. We didn’t do anything wrong,” Linscott said.

The couple said they never denied self-quarantining. They just didn’t agree with the wording of the documents.

And, that’s exactly what the Director of the Public Health Department told the judge, that I was refusing to self-quarantine because of this, and I’m like, ‘that’s not the case at all. I never said that,'” she said.

Linscott said even without the ankle monitor, she had planned to be cautious, and if she had needed medical care, she would have let healthcare workers know she was infected with the virus.

Preventions Worse than the Disease

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Alas, this video and the very account have been deleted. Wish I’d saved a copy.

In an epidemic, it’s important to have careful, accurate tracking and reporting on cases, recoveries, symptoms, and deaths. However…

Robert Fletcher – Jul 6, 2020 – 1:56
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I’m just going to leave this here! WTF? They finally admitted it.

But, circling back to the four-year-old’s complaint above… (now deleted, alas)

Amazing Polly:
Is This Torture?
Jul 1, 2020 – 43:14
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In this video I start off slow but pick up steam as I submit the evidence and examples.
By comparing our situation to the study of torture & coercion on Prisoners of War, I believe it becomes clear that what we are being put through with the virus response is a near perfect parallel to the Amnesty International definition of torture & Bidermans ‘Chart of Coercion.’

Ray Stevens – “Quarantined”

Ray Stevens – “Quarantined”
Live on Larry’s Country Diner, 2020
raystevensmusic – May 25, 2020 – 3:36
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“Two more weeks of quarantine will be the death of me!” Here’s a brand new song from Ray Stevens called “Quarantine”. It was written by Buddy Kalb and this video was filmed during Ray’s video appearance on Larry’s Country Diner. Check it out and have a laugh!