A Week Behind is a Lot

[Excuse] and [excuse] have kept me from blogging this past week, as well as [excuse], [excuse], and [excuse]. Note to self: fill in [these items] later. So very, very much has gone by! And prospects for doing much blogging are still slim. We’ll see.

My high school Spanish teachers were from Argentina. I learned two things: 1) Argentina Spanish is not like the rest of Western Hemisphere Spanish, and therefore, 2) I should never try my Spanish out lest I be mocked severely. Mostly, I’ve forgotten everything except baño, cerveza, and bibliotecha.

So, I cannot understand what this couple is saying, but it’s kind-of funny to watch anyway. Especially with the absolutely useless auto-generated English subtitles.
h/t Kindltot on A♠


Love Ballad for the Social Distancing Age

Top video is not video (just a picture of the late, great, much-missed Mr. Goodman when he was young, hirsute, and a tad chunky). I heard Steve’s version of this before I ever heard Prine’s.

Second video is the song’s writer John Prine, live. According to this article, if I read aright, this performance was in the Autumn of 2019. He got old, voice not what it was.

So, I’ve included a third not-video of John Prine, with the distinctive voice I remember. If you’re not tired of the song by then.

Steve Goodman — Donald And Lydia
Apr 29, 2015 – 4:51

Producer: Kris Kristofferson
Producer: Norbert Putnam
Composer, Lyricist: Prine Continue reading “Love Ballad for the Social Distancing Age”