While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Concert For George


George Harrison – Jan 25, 2018 – 6:01
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Music video by Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton performing While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
Also Ringo Starr and Dhani Harrison and others.

Concert for George
The Concert for George was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 29 November 2002 as a memorial to George Harrison on the first anniversary of his death. The event was organised by Harrison’s widow, Olivia, and his son, Dhani, and arranged under the musical direction of Eric Clapton. The profits from the event went to the Material World Charitable Foundation, an organisation founded by Harrison.


The Trashmen — The Surfin Bird

Ah, there’s nothing like a melodious Summer love song.
And this is nothing like a melodious Summer love song.
Hey, Bluebird. Wednesday Weirdness material? 🙂

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Triks of the mind – May 1, 2007 – 2:25
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Wikipedia: Surfin Bird

“Surfin’ Bird” is a song performed by American surf rock band the Trashmen, containing the repetitive lyric “the bird is the word”. It has been covered many times. It is a combination of two R&B hits by the Rivingtons: “Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow” and “The Bird’s the Word”.

The song was released as a single in 1963 and reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Trashmen also recorded an album named after the track, released two months later.