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Joseph’s Most Complex Machine Ever
Apr 6, 2018 – 2:42
c/o Teeta @anitamassey86
h/t WeirdDave on A♠ Overnight Thread
I hate waiting for dessert, so here’s a Rube Goldberg machine to streamline dinnertime. It lets me keep eating, with no break before cake. It’s my most complex yet and took 3 months to make so I hope you enjoy it!

Rube Goldberg’s Cat

Charlie Drinking

h/t Bluebird of Bitterness for this amazing vid.

Cat Feeder Machine (Short Version)

Joseph’s Machines – Published on Jun 27, 2019

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Ace of Spades Saturday Pet Thread

Something feline from the Mindful Webworks hall of stuff

Feeding the Cats, Feeding the Dog

Responses Comparative Study

Feeding the cat

Track the cat down, they don’t come when called.

Sometimes they don’t even react when I wave the bowl in front of them.

Watch them saunter up to the bowl sloooowwwly.

They might sniff at the food, look up and mew, like, wtf is this? (Same thing you always get, kitty!)

Sometimes even turn away without eating. (Oh, have you already eaten someone this morning?)

They tend to leave a little bit uneaten.

Then they wander off and clean themselves.

Sleepy Dog and Cat

Feeding the dog

He’s right there on time, or runs to me when called.

As I approach with the food bowl, he dances with delight. He’ll wiggle and walk backwards and shake like a puppy. Funny to see in an old dog. It’s a great reward for me.

When I set the bowl down – I love this ritual – no matter how late feeding may be, or how hungry he might be, the dog pauses, looks up at me, so I can pet him and say, “good dog,” and then he chows down with enthusiasm.

His face doesn’t come out of the bowl until it’s clean.

Then he comes to me for more pets.

However, he isn’t a very good mouser.

(pictured: Charlie the cat, Gimil the dog RIP Good Boy)