Critterdays of November

I wonder if I’ve posted this before. Probably. Here it is, again, or not.

Slow Mo 4K Kittens

The Slow Mo Guys – Mar 29, 2018 – 3:42

Guilty dog h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on A♠ Saturday Pet Thread — joys and heartbreak of our animal associates.

Bluebird of Bitterness Caturday Funnies


Slow Mo Guys Give Will Smith a Flame Thrower

The Slow Mo Guys – Oct 9, 2019
Gav and new Slow Mo Guy Will run a gauntlet of destruction. Melons, mannequins and a car are about to get it.

On this channel we don’t usually film an entire video in less than 40 minutes in the car park of the YouTube Space with about 50 people watching, but this one was a bit special.

Massive thanks to the LEGEND that is Will Smith for popping on Dan’s labcoat and becoming a Slow Mo Guy for a day. Make sure you go and see Gemini Man!