Google, the Dark Force

PragerU vs. Google: How We Got Here

PragerU – Oct 21, 2019 – 4:51
PragerU has filed two lawsuits against Google/ YouTube, and this week, we are taking them back to court. Here’s how we got here and why this case is critical for free speech.

Steven Crowder Demands Answers of YouTube’s Gabbard Censorship

Louder with Crowder – Oct 23, 2019 – 6:53


Crowder: The Perfect Man for the Job

Another soul dragged, however grudgingly, to acknowledge a great reality. The middle of this clip is a bit rambling, but starts and ends well, and mostly I just want to blog Crowder pleading that he was really wrong on Trump.

I was really wrong on Trump… | Louder with Crowder

StevenCrowder – Oct 2, 2019
Steven explains why Trump is the perfect man to be in the Oval Office at this point in time.