The Rising Tide of Tyranny

Is Australia’s POLICE STATE the BLUEPRINT for what’s to come? | Real Talk
WhatsHerFace – Aug 17, 2020 – 9:28
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With recent news and videos coming out, it looks like Australia is on the verge of martial law. Australian citizens have had their rights and privacy stripped away, 8pm curfews forced upon them, and are being brutalized by police for not wearing masks out in public. Why the extreme measures you ask? All of this, for just a small uptick in Covid-19 cases.

Maybe all of this talk about a second wave of Covid-19 is just to prepare people for what is to come, and what we are seeing in Australia is a blueprint for what governments will do when that wave finally arrives.


The Differences Couldn’t Be Clearer

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Trump folks vs Anti- folk
The divisions haven’t been this clear since Lucifer rebelled. Wheat, chaff, some division coming.
Warning: Language and derangment

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