Memory Lane: She’s Server Smashing, 2016

As we roll toward the big, important 2020 election, here’s a thoughful reflection on the previous Presidential race, from before Trump was even inaugurated.

It Feels Good to Be a Clinton
Ted Cruz – Feb 12, 2016 – 0:58
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Below the fold: The bit upon which the above was based. fold?

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Trump at War

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2016 marked a revolution in American politics when a political novice upended the entrenched political classes on both sides of the aisle, and achieved a stunning victory for the forgotten men and women of the nation.

Running on a common-sense platform of America First, a revitalized economy, tax cuts, a reinvigorated foreign policy, and a promise to reestablish American sovereignty with immigration reforms, Donald Trump ignited a dormant passion in the hearts of his supporters, and won the presidency in what was arguably the most significant election campaigns in our nation’s history.
Trump @War is a retelling of that story and a look forward to the high-stakes midterm election in November, which will help cement his legacy, good or bad.

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Christmas Eve Political Post

The Nightmare Christmas Ad – I hadn’t seen this one before.
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HIllary Clinton “Presents” Ad

Sincerely Right – Apr 8, 2015 – 0:30
Hillary Clinton promises universal health care, alternative energy, to bring troops home, middle class tax breaks, and universal pre-K in this ad for her failed Presidential run.

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