DEM Election 2020 Foreshadowings

Below h/t Paul Goldberg, NewsThud

Below is a real Biden ad, not a parody. The chutzpah on display here is unbelievable. Dems destroyed American-made. Joe ain’t bringing it back.


The Bidens & The Harrises – Comedy Gold

h/t The ARC of History! on A♠

Lo! This is real, not deep fake.

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Madwoman Mika – Dead Wrong on Everything

Eau du ironie

h/t Ace ♠

Compilation of the ravings of deranged woman who would be better off in rehab therapy than having her delusions enabled by the media. It’s actually amazing that everything she says is a lie, including “a” and “the.” She reels off all the silly and debunked anti-Trump conspiracies and lies, and then accuses Trump of conspiracies and lies. Projection, thy name is Democrats.