Film From the World Wars

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The Oberg Color Film Footage of Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941
midway512 – Dec 6, 2018 – 14:55
This short documentary tells the story of Harold & Eda Oberg, & the film footage they recorded of the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. The couple captured shots during & after the attack on Hickam Army Airfield.

The Somme then and now.. in full HD
MC C – Aug 1, 2016 – 39:32
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100 years ago Malins and McDowell exposed their film to the light capturing a moment in time.
It’s very difficult to understand and watch the original film as they were very limited by technology and the danger. Malins risked his life on several occasions making this film, being right on the front line with a huge box camera sticking out above the trench. After watching the film many times, over many years, I wanted to find these locations and stand in their foot prints and re film.
Some locations were easy to find, some took much research and some I haven’t yet been able to locate, but all the ones in this documentary are within yards to feet of where they filmed originally, none are guesses or just possibilities. I hope you enjoy watching and it helps you to understand please leave comments this is worth more to me than earning money i ask for nothing but love remarks


WW I Dogfight Reenactment (with gunfire)

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WW I Dogfight Reenactment (with gunfire) – Fokker Dr.1 vs. FVM Ö1 Tummelisa
PaddyPatrone – Feb 12, 2020 – 8:44
A spectacular Dogfight scene over Zeltweg at Airpower 2019 airshow with gunfire sounds. Michael Calson piloted the Fokker Dr.1 and his buddy (sorry don`t know his name) in the swedish FVM Ö1 Tummelisa.

Unfortunately the Tummelisa had a landing mishap on the second day. The grass landing strip was soaked in water due to heavy rainfall, so he tipped over. Plane was not to heavily damaged, so we can expect it to be repaired. More at: