Dice & Zed on the Dominos Effect

Mark Dice:
She Loves Dominos Pizza

Jun 17, 2020 – 5:53
An old Tweet about loving Dominos Pizza shook up Twitter, in one of the strangest ways.

Dominos Triggers hilarious
with 8 year old Tweet

Jun 20, 2020 – 7:04
This 8 year old tweet caused an avalanche of tears this week, but is anyone really surprised by the hysteria at this point?


When the Masquerade Ends

It’s a Southern Thing
The Post-Quarantine Life
May 26, 2020 – 4:22
Honestly, it all goes downhill after you shed the pajama skin.

Alyssa Milano gets roasted for her KNITTED face mask
May 26, 2020 – 5:50
Alyssa Milano caught a lot of flack for her knitted facemask. See the funniest roasts along with some of Alyssa’s biggest hypocricies that have brought these critics to her.