Watch This! 2018-03-31

Trump on Easter. Wild Bill. That cute OAN gal. More Wild Bill. Southern GPS. Bartlesville? Submit to “tolerance.” Sargon ponders what do womyn want (long).

Trump h/t Pistol Pete, PoliNation
Tolerance h/t Frank Lea, trendingviews c/o Colin, Ace of Spades
Marvel h/t Joseph Schmidt, ComicBook


Watch This! 2018-03-28

Woolery on Syrians in Germany, Hogg Hitler (unless removed), Dice on Zuckerberg, OANN gal on her dad, Watson on Wesley, Ink cartridges are a scam, Marsquakes, tractor band, Feminists enlightened, slow-mo airbags, and musical football players. Whew!

Musical Chairs h/t Bluebird of Bitterness
Tractor h/t BackwardsBoy, Ace of Spades
Hogg Hitler! The little dictator in the making c/o The Flaherty Files. Until YouTube yanks it.