Watch This! 2018-04-20

Woolery on Collusion. Wheeler on Soc Med. Dice on Comey. Wacky Libs. Watson looks at cheerleaders. Asteroids, Planet-hunters, and Fruit Fly Sex.


Watch This! 2018-04-19

There was no playlist for Apr 18. Two-days list looks bigger than it is.

Rubber duck science. Double dose of Woolery. Rube Goldberg lives! Remembering Barbara Bush. Wild Bill on that Shot, PraegerU has discouraging interviews, but Ozzy has an uplifting report. And Borowski, Dice (twice), and Sargon visit Starbucks for free coffee.

Watch This! 2018-04-16

BC Animation! And lotsa Monday vids: Woolery on Cohen, Whittle fiddles, double dose of Wild Bill. Comey’s clan, Dice on scary chicken sandwiches. Stan Lee sets the record straight. Manitowoc, VR treadmill. Long ones at the end: ElectroBoom, OAN Finds no chem use in Syria, Trump Won’t Win review (never gets tired) and Sargon’s Week in Stupid.