Free as a Bird

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One of the last two real Beatles collaborations, as the surviving Beatles recording over John Lennon’s home recordings after his murder. Sad and lovely, with evocative (and “easter egg” laden) visuals.

Here’s the other one.

The Beatles


Roy and Clarence

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How can singing about feeling bad make us feel so good?

Roy clark And Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

Live on Hee Haw 1979

Hillsdale: WW2

Hillsdale College — World War II, the greatest armed conflict in human history, encompassed global fighting in unprecedented ways. This course analyzes Allied and Axis investments and strategies that led one side to win and the other to lose. It also considers how the war’s diverse theaters, belligerents, and ways of fighting came eventually to define a single war.

The Key to Naval Power in World War II

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