Watch This! 2018 Dec 11

YouTubers! 2018 Dec 11

Good doggy. Fake warming. Klavan goes to L. Double doses of Woolery and Dice. PragerU on power people. Manitowoc. And a classic Cold Outside duet from a couple years back. No, you didn’t miss one. This is the playlist for Dec 10-11.

Fire dog h/t Avery Anapol, The HIll
c/o NavyBrat commenting on Ace of Spades


Watch This! 2018 Dec 9

YouTubers! 2018 Dec 9

Fun! NYC (Lang)! Silly! Perfume! Bizarre! Hole! Dice! Libs! Barney! Killed! Trump Christmas Classic! Chocolate bubble wrap! Lion in the car! Apocalibs Now! And Mega Ozzy NSFW!

Hole h/t Kindltot commenting on Ace of Spades

Planters h/t Count de Monet commenting on Ace of Spades