Watch This! 2018-05-31

Woolery on Hillary. JoeDan trolls Acosta. Dice on SocMed police. Laughingstock Media  ❤️ Starbux. Science: Animal placebos work. Akana meets Simon’s Cat!! More than you ever wanted to know about Humpty Dumpty. Irish goes shopping (long, but she’s so perky and Irish!).
Deadpool: 1970s style TV intro @ 0:22
Jurassic: Funny Goldblum bit @ 0:30

Barr and ValJar 2018-05-31

All the videos from my subscribed channels on the Roseanne Barr monkeyshines. I have not watched all of these as I usually do with most playlists. I did watch and recommend the Mark Dice vid at the top.