Watch This! 2018 Dec 12

YouTubers! 2018 Dec 12

Sources Say! Woolery AI. Google by WFB, Dice, and OANN. “That meeting” with Lucas, OANN, and Body Language. Ozzy NSFW Man reviews 2018. Amazing pizzas!

Brzezinski is so Foul – well, they all are here

I’m putting this one up separately. It’s a shocking cut of insane and deranged hatefest. This clip should start at 2:25 and run to 2:44. Rewind to the beginning for the whole thing, at your own risk.


2 thoughts on “Watch This! 2018 Dec 12

    1. Well, there’s “sources.” Then there’s “reliable sources.” Of course, for real authority, there’s “multiple sources.” And nothing can top “multiple reliable sources,” especially if they’re “insider sources.”

      There’s also “studies have shown” and “some critics say.” Also “authoritative consensus.”

      As reliable as proven statistics, at least 87.7% of which are made up on the spot.

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