Catching Colds

This page was previously pinned to the top while the epidemic hysteria raged. Now that we have another hysteria going, I’m unpinning this.
7:30pm, 2020 June 8

Below the fold, “the fold” is explained.

I have not been adding every news report and Presidential conference clip regarding the Kung Flu. If you want all the long and short of these reports, I suggest you check out the videos on these sites:

Pic: The slow demise of the newspaper box

The fold

“Above the fold”: News articles at the top of the front page of a newspaper, and thus would appear in a stack of papers, or in the window of a newsbox. Contrarily, “below the fold,” still front-page news, but not important enough to thus feature. Modern kids: What’s a “newsbox”? Even younger kids: What’s a “newspaper”?

On blogs, this archaic “fold” term has been adopted to mean the line between what part of a post will appear on the “front page” of the blog, and what part can only be seen if you click through (usually a button that says ‘keep reading,’ or the like. Anything referring to “the fold” when reading the main post is meaningless – on the post itself there is no fold. Virtual reality is just too weird.

Mindful Webworks:
Radd Dadd: Rollout

Pithy smartbits from Mindful Webworks’ resident wise guy

Radd Dadd: Rollout



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