Liberating Diversity

h/t Clyde Shelton on A♠ or maybe rhennigantx on A♠

Below: Fox, h/t Vic on A♠

Walmart announces big-money racial equity initiatives

Walmart’s five initiatives follow $100M commitment to racial equity following death of George Floyd

…The company plans to work with minority-owned suppliers, deepen ties to historically black colleges, increase access to health care, work to hire nonviolent felons and develop a more inclusive company, CEO Doug McMillon wrote in a memo posted to the Walmart website.

“Black Lives Matter. It is all our responsibilities to embrace that fact in what we say and what we do,” McMillion wrote. “There’s no way to live our values if we don’t.”…

“Appeasement is feeding the alligator and hoping he eats you last.”
—Sir Winston Churchill

Photo from Flickr by Tamable the JaguarQuote and gator pic from Quotable Coach


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