Divided Dems, Media Meltdowns

Chuck Shushs Kamala [0:50]

Watch her eyeroll, especially obvious in the last slowed-down bit.
h/t Vic on A♠

Unsettling Acquittal [2:03]

h/t rhennigantx on A♠

Embedded videoh/t @realmajordan c/o Twitchy

Wah! Doesn’t count! 1:10


Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! [0:38]

I just keep resetting this to about 0:13 to watch over and over.

feaked on A♠: mornin yall. Headline on Drudge says “Michael Moore Explodes” so I followed the link. What a disappointment.

Michael Moore Explodes [2:15]

h/t Tami on A♠

Tlaib Boos Hillz [0:26]

h/t Tami on A♠

Darth Trump? [6:24]

Biden… SQUIRREL! [0:39]

Joe’s Geography [0:16]

Battlin’ Joe [1:52]

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