Catching Up on Science

I’m now up to about two months behind on many of my YouTube subscriptions. I’ll never catch up to all of them, but I’ll catch up to some of them.

  • What’s Up: August 2020 Skywatching Tips from NASA
  • People May Have Walked North America 30,000 Years Ago
  • 3 New Missions Just Left for Mars!
  • Cloud Cities of Venus: Settling Earth’s Twin

What’s Up: August 2020 Skywatching Tips from NASA
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Jul 31, 2020 – 2:52

Journey through the Universe
Fermilab – Jul 31, 2020 – 4:24
This 4-minute animation takes you on a flight that starts on Earth and travels one billion light years into space and back. It features data recorded by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey collaboration. The trip begins at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, which has made major contributions to the development, realization and operation of large-scale sky surveys for more than 25 years, including SDSS, the Dark Energy Survey, the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. The SDSS collaboration began regular sky survey operations in 2000, after a decade of design and construction. Using the data recorded over the last 20 years, the SDSS collaboration has created the most detailed three-dimensional maps of the universe ever made, with deep multi-color images of one third of the sky, and spectra for more than three million astronomical objects.

People May Have Walked North America 30,000 Years Ago
SciShow News – Jul 31, 2020 – 5:39

Two new studies challenge what we thought we knew about the first humans in the Americas, sending the archaeology community buzzing. Could people have been on these continents 10 to 15 thousand years earlier than archaeologists previously thought?
Hosted by: Stefan Chin

3 New Missions Just Left for Mars!
SciShow Space News – Jul 31, 2020 – 4:46
A launch window that only happens every 26 months means it’s the perfect time to head to Mars! The United Arab Emirates, China, and the United States all took advantage of this excellent timing.
Host: Caitlin Hofmeister

Didn’t I read some SF story about this fifty years ago? Fanciful. And, unlikely.

Cloud Cities of Venus: Settling Earth’s Twin
SpaceRip – July 31, 2020 – 37:50
Four billion years ago, Venus, Earth and Mars each held the promise of supporting life, with oceans, supportive climates, and the chemical ingredients of biology. Over the eons since, Mars lost its atmosphere, turning ever colder, while Venus entered a death-spiral of ever-increasing heat. But, 50 km above its desolate surface, the cool cloud tops of Venus offer a potential refuge. This zone is protected from cosmic and solar radiation overhead and the blistering surface temperatures below.

Solar powered ships and habitats could effortlessly float there, sailing the brisk winds that circle the globe. That has inspired visionary engineers and scientists to take the first steps toward settling the 2nd planet from the Sun.

More SciShow [see the whole list at YouTube]

SciShow ruins everything cute:
Raccoons Don’t Really Wash Their Food (3:39)


More SciShow Space [see the whole list at YouTube]


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